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WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION Genetic Testing and Designer Babies
A Brief Overview 2017 saw the success of gene editing in human embryos. With genetic testing editing gaining traction, so have issues concerning their fair and ethical use. The key question is: will this usher in the era of designer babies?
Council Info WHO is an autonomous organisation directing pertinent healthcare issues within the UN, with the aim of upholding the health of all individuals.
Venue LT2
Difficulty Beginner
Eligibility 16 and below
Secondary Issue The Management of Mental Health Issues
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Head Chair

"I used to play the violin, but I stopped once I realised the stage did no good for me," said Trina disconcertedly. Trina is a Year 6 student looking forward to facilitate vigourous discourse amongst delegates in the WHO. Among other things, having to speak in the third person about herself worries her.

Ethan Ong

Vice Chair

Ethan is a Year 5 student trying not to drown in his commitments. He is in YDS, Ultimate Frisbee, and student council, and loves to regularly exercise his intellect through fruitful debate encountered only at MUNs! He looks forwards to chairing you and wishes you a pleasant conference ahead!

Luke Phang

Vice Chair

Luke is in Year 5 and is the average science student. He does however like expanding his knowledge by going for MUNs and hopes that delegates gain as much as he has from debating world issues.