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A Brief Overview Tensions surrounding North Korea have soared to new heights in recent years. Delegates will have to defuse these tensions by proposing long term solutions that collectively improve security in the region.
Council Info The UNSC is the only council where members have veto power and can issue binding resolutions to member states.
Venue Boardroom 1
Difficulty Intermediate
Eligibility 16 and below
Secondary Issue Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
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Lewis Shong

Head Chair

Lewis is a jaded senior who has attended one too many MUNs and one too many years of IB. He views MUN as a learning experience on world affairs and respects delegates that can stick to their stances, no matter how controversial they may seem. He looks forward to chairing the UNSC and meeting all the delegates, even if the council could end up starting World War III....

Aaditya Tibarewala

Vice Chair

Aaditya is a Year 5 student at AC offering the stereotypical Indian subject combination of Physics, Math and Economics. Having been introduced to MUN 2 years ago, he hopes to help facilitate fruitful and insightful debate during the course of IMUN.

Benicia Yeo

Vice Chair

Benecia is an overwhelmed Humanities student who ponders over deep, philosophical questions, such as where all her time has gone, every night. She delights in wasting her time away watching Politics / Sociology-based videos, which just makes the life of the stereotypically depressed humanities student sound even more tragic. Nevertheless, she hopes that you too will be able to delight in learning about and debating global issues in UNSC!