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Joint Crisis Committee Arab-Israeli Six Day War
A Brief Overview Egypt, Syria, and Israel are on the brink of war. Delegates will have to come up with innovative solutions and strategies to reshape the Middle East. In the JCC, delegates will be fighting to ensure the survival of their nations.
Council Info JCC is the dynamic hallmark of IMUNC. Each of the 3 JCC committees will have to respond to each other’s resolutions, adapting to new developments, in order to succeed.
Venue C3-02, C3-03, C3-04
Difficulty Advanced
Eligibility 16 and below
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Christopher Low

JCC1 Head Chair

Christopher is a Year 6 student who very frankly is still quite confused as to why exactly he's still involved with MUNs, having attended his first conference in Year 3. He hopes that delegates will be well prepared and research their topics extensively, and also be willing to collaborate during council time to solve their various issues.

David Goh

JCC1 Vice Chair

Polite and conscientious, David is a friend and comforter to many, never failing to accede another’s request for a piece of bread or a smile. Eager to fill every waking moment with joy, David secretly delights in incendiary rhetoric that scorches the superficial and sears the soul. Sheathing his sword as a chair, he has four words for all delegates subdued by stress: don't worry, be happy :)

Leticia Neo

JCC1 Vice Chair

Leticia is a year 5 student who when not passed out on her bed, is usually busy playing overwatch or some random indie game. On another note the rest of her soul has been consumed by debate and MUN, not that there was much left in the first place, or one to begin with.

Keith Gan

JCC2 Head Chair

Keith is a Year 6 student who enjoys balling and getting carried in DOTA. He can be commonly found in shady parts of ACSI clutching an oversized, spherical rubber object.

Vivienne Koon

JCC2 Vice Chair

Vivienne is a Year 5 student who likes to jump and dance around randomly in an effort to stay happy when she finds herself stunned during HL Physics lessons. She finds solace in MUNs as she feels at home and comfortable with being vocal about world issues she is really concerned about. Vivienne hopes that all crisis dels (and most importantly those in her cabinet) will have a blast at IMUNC, just as she did when she went for her first Crisis council (and wrecked everyone...) :)

Jeremy Tan

JCC2 Vice Chair

Jeremy is a Year 5 student whose first MUN experience was a crisis council, but somehow, that did not seem to have deterred him from pursing his interest in MUN. In his free time, he attempts to be productive and well-informed by doing work and engaging himself in "intellectual" discussions; but like most sleep-deprived students, he often ends up catching up on much-needed sleep. He hopes that through IMUN crisis, delegates will be able to have fun regardless of experience, just as he did at his first MUN.

Kishore Raveendran

JCC3 Head Chair

Kishore is a Year 6 student who loves listening to Kung Fu Kenny, Badgirlriri and most definitely, delegates debating in council!!! He hopes y’all will have a good time lol

Arnav Goyale

JCC3 Vice Chair

Arnav enjoys sleeping quite alot. But do not worry, he will make sure he stays awake so that you can enjoy your conference experience.

Seah Min Rei

JCC3 Vice Chair

Despite his conference being as disastrous as his hair, it was then that Min Rei realised he was destined for more than just library vice president. The level of awards he received in the conferences after resembled his double since curve of a spine, with high highers and lower lows.

Evan Chou

JCC Backroom

As a Year 6 Humanities student, Evan is fundamentally curious. Commonly asked questions include "Why is this bottle already empty?", "You ever wonder why we're here?", and "Can you remind me how I was talked into doing this?" Outside of MUN, Evan enjoys drinking coffee, and staring blankly into the middle distance. He hopes that all delegates will enjoy their time in JCC.

Yap Hui

JCC Backroom

Yap Hui, or Yap for short, is a Year 6 who has evidently spent too much time in the sun from his time in water polo. He spends far too much time playing basketball and listening to music, and his measly height regularly laments his abysmal sleep schedule.

Jun Yuan

JCC Backroom

Jun Yuan was told to write 2 lines for his JCC bio. That said, this is 2 lines.

Luke Tay

JCC Backroom


Wesley Ng

JCC Backroom

Wesley is a Year 5 student with a deep passion for the humanities, be it military history, MUNs, or playing Total War. When not participating in debate competitions or reading books on obscure historical topics, he can be found insulting France even though he takes interest in Prussia, which is a country that does not exist anymore. He looks forward to delegates rewriting the history of the Six-Day War, which happens to be one of his favourite wars containing the number six.

Ethan Tan

JCC Backroom

Ethan is a Year 5 humanities student dragged kicking and screaming back into the world of MUNs against his will. When not participating in soul-sucking extra-currcular events, he spends his days struggling to find a topic for his history IA and studying the beautiful language of- oh mon dieu s'il vous plaît ne me tirez pas je me rends! He hopes that all delegates will enjoy their time in JCC.