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GENERAL ASSEMBLY Protecting Civilians During Armed Conflict
A Brief Overview In contemporary times, civilians have been targets during armed conflict, deliberate or otherwise. How do we best ensure their protection? Delegates will need to hold these parties that routinely flout international laws to account.
Council Info The GA is the main deliberative and policy-making organ of the UN, with equal representation for all its member nations. It seeks to address current problems of the age.
Venue LT1
Difficulty Beginner
Eligibility 16 and below
Secondary Issue Countering the Weaponisation of Social Media by Terrorist Groups
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Head Chair

Parth is currently Year 6 student who stumbled upon the MUN scene in 2015 in a desperate bid to clock up some CCA points. Enthralled by the idea, he has since participated in numerous MUNs, both as a delegate and chair. Away from the sphere of MUNs, he is a PCME student, who likes to bemoan the lack of free time on his hands. He wishes all the delegates at IMUN and MES 2018 a fruitful and engaging conference.

Lee Yi

Vice Chair

Lee Yi is currently pretending his homework doesn't exist and is spending too much time considering what to write for this. Outside of MUNs, he spends his time playing music and computer games. He hopes that delegates will have a fruitful and fulfilling time during the conference.

Rachel Quek

Vice Chair

Despite being told that she has an extremely lost and confused look on her face at most times, we assure you that Rachel is not (that) lost. Or at least, less lost than she was at her very first conference. Hence, as your chair, Rachel hopes that all delegates have a wonderful and edifying time and would try her best to prevent delegates from being lost during council.