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FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANISATION Combating Antibiotic Resistance in Livestock and Crops
A Brief Overview Livestock and crops are developing increasing antibiotic resistance. To some extent, antibiotics are necessary to maintain the current level of food production. However, excessive antibiotic use could seriously endanger food security in the future.
Council Info The FAO is a specialised branch of the UN. Its key aim is to defeat hunger and ensure food security in the rapidly changing global climate.
Venue LT4
Difficulty Beginner
Eligibility 16 and below
Secondary Issue Countering Price Fluctuations in Agricultural Markets
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Chai Yi Hein

Head Chair

Yi Hein is a Year 6 student who is dedicated to the pursuit of science and in the hours toiling in the lab, he had witnessed first hand how chemicals, apparatus and organisms plot to eradicate all possibilities of obtaining data. Despite this, he refuses to accept the forces of entropy. Indeed, success is ever-elusive and in similar spirit, he hopes that delegates would persevere in the face of adversity and find meaning in their journey throughout the course of the conference.

Ethan Yeo

Vice Chair

Ethan is a Year 5 "student" and a living testimony of the power of MUN to Change People. However, do not underestimate him, for his unassuming demeanour masks a man of many manoeuvres and concealed contemplations. If he makes any jokes around you, don't worry, because none of us get them either.

Derek Chua

Vice Chair

Derek is in Year 5 and wastes away his time playing League of Legends, sometimes playing basketball or singing if he feels like it. He looks forward to delegates bringing their best to council, and if nothing else, hopes that delegates will have an experience they can fondly remember.