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DISEC Iran-Israel Relations
A Brief Overview Iran and Israel’s disputes span multiple issues: nuclear programmes, proxy confrontations through covert funding of terrorist groups, cyber warfare. Delegates will try to address the highly hostile Iran-Israel relations.
Council Info DISEC, also known as the First Committee, is one of the main committees in the UN. It primarily deals in disarmament and related global security questions.
Venue LT3
Difficulty Beginner
Eligibility 16 and below
Secondary Issue International Cyberwarfare
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Tan Jian Shiun

Head Chair

Jian Shiun is a Year 6 student who takes an interest in non-intellectual activities such as basketballing and sleeping. He hopes delegates do not follow his example and instead partake in lively intellectual debate over the course of 3 days.

Wesley Tan

Vice Chair

Wesley is currently trying (and failing) to be a good IBDP student, and questions his decision to enter the harrowing and “intellectual” world of MUN in the first place. His hobbies include playing the piano, lying around and stoning, and looking at his depressing collection of Best Position Paper awards. Nonetheless, he hopes that delegates will come prepared to exchange different viewpoints and collaborate with others to address the challenging topics presented.

Joash Ang

Vice Chair

Joash is usually seen more often than not with 175 grammes of plastic rather than a girl in hand. He would like to correct tinyurl.com/hearthmun, clarifying that he has no resolution bank and has never once actually introduced a resolution, but does agree with the 7/7.